Main benefit: Conditioning to bring out natural colour, beauty and sheen

Extra benefit: Provides a deep level of protection. 
Ideal for:

Chopping boards and cutting boards
Kitchen counter-tops
Food safe surfaces
Kitchen utensils
Butcher blocks


Our High Grade Pure Mineral Oil is tasteless, odourless, clear and food safe. This makes it ideal for chopping boards, wooden bowls, cheese boards, bread boards and all kitchen and dining utensils. As a food safe protective coating, it can be used on anything made from wood, slate or stone.

Application ;

Pure Mineral Oil is quick and easy to apply.

1. Make sure the surface to be treated is clean, dry and free of debris.

2. Apply the mineral oil to the clean, dry surface using a folded paper, kitchen towel, cloth or a soft brush. 

3. Leave for a minimum of 2 hours and wipe off any excess. Ideally leave to dry overnight. Then buff with a clean paper, kitchen towel or a clean soft cloth for a silky sheen finish. 

Coverage & Storage

Coverage will depend on the surface being treated but a good rule of thumb is 250ml will cover around 25sq meters (270sq ft). Store the oil at room temperate and make sure to use within three years.


Highest quality medical grade approved and fully meets the British Pharmacopeia and USA certification to DAB, Codex certification to USB178.362(a) and FDA 172.878 USP
High Grade Mineral Oil

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